Postponing of the delivery of the report

The report of the commitee was postponed for June. The decision was made following the meeting of its members with the President of the Republic Béji Caïd Essebsi.

The delivery of this report was supposed to be done this week, but after having taken the opinion of the President of the Republic, the committe decided to postpone this date because of the new data, such as:

First, given the independence of committee from all political parties without exception, and because of the delay recorded for the municipal elections . Concerned to keep this report away from political and partisan tensions, the committee estimated that it will deliver its report in June 2018 to the Presidency of the Republic.

Secondly: During this additional period, the committee will continue  its participatory approach and extend its consultations to experts, political parties and civil society to enrich its report.

Third: the committee confirms its commitment to societal dialogue about the ideas and suggestions it has reached. Our country desperately needs serious, deep and responsible thinking to continue supporting individual freedoms and achieving equality between citizens.

Fourth: COLIBE would like to thank the various media and all journalists for their efforts to enlighten public opinion, but the commission is obliged to remain silent about its work during the remaining period.